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Tired with the stresses and strains of running a private company?

Looking to free up more time to pursue your life’s goals?

Facing a life changing event such as illness or bereavement and you’ve decided it’s time to sell?

Need to find a tax efficient solution to conduct a managed exit?

Whatever your reasons, we could help you reap the rewards of your efforts releasing you to move on to the next chapter of your life.

We Are

A privately owned investment company created to help owners exit their businesses whilst maximising the benefit of their years of hard work. With over 100 years of combined business experience, you’ll find a professional and friendly team who share in your values and with the clear purpose of building on your legacy.

Our founders all have successful careers in different industries during which time we have developed a wide range of skills and experience which we now bring to our own businesses – both for those that we have grown from nothing and those we have acquired.

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We are seeking to buy and grow stable, profitable businesses from owners who are ready to leave in the near future or take a smaller role in their companies.
Our expertise can help you to secure the highest value for your business quickly and with full transparency, no surprises and no hidden costs.
Your business may be under-performing or not reaching its full potential.
Post acquisition, we provide the skills and knowledge needed to take your business forward.
Our Value
Ethical and transparent acquisition processes
Flexible, tailor-made solutions ensure ’win-win’ outcomes
Complete confidentiality and honest advice
Transparent offers, no tricks or surprises
No hidden costs
No valuation fees
Quick offer decisions
Our Process